George in the news

Today, The Morning Call ran a story on George, our most recent addition to the Mounted Patrol Unit. He’s a 4-year-old Percheron-Morgan cross who is both the youngest and largest of the three horses. You can read the whole article here:

“George, aka ‘W,’ clip-clopping with Bethlehem’s finest”

From the page:

Bethlehem police’s mounted unit now has a new lineup, with the trade of a somewhat skittish horse for a mellow mount who towers over his stablemates.

The newest horse — named George, nicknamed “W” — has been patrolling the streets about a month, and his calm disposition has already made a him a hit, said Capt. John Sarnicky, the head of the mounted unit.

Many thanks to journalist Pamela Lehman! It was a great start to our day to find this article in the paper.

– – – – –

You can find more images of George at flickr.
Here’s one of our favorites taken in March.

Officer Leaser and George pause at the 1761 Tannery in the Colonial Industrial Quarter in Bethlehem.


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