Photo Caption Contest – June 2nd edition

Our third caption competition started Wednesday, June 2nd. You can see all 24 entries at our Facebook caption page. The photo shows Pharaoh outside the barn at Burnside Plantation. He’s just been groomed after a workout and … what exactly is he doing?

This is the best collection of entries yet and it was difficult to choose. This time we picked a winner, a runner-up and an honorable mention.

Our winner:
“$10 on me to win in the third race, please!”
— from Andrew Woodward

The runner-up:
“Two scoops of vanilla, please, with sprinkles!”
— from Sally Reese Saltzer

And our unanimous honorable mention for a Law Enforcement Inside Joke:
“Littering and…littering and…”
— from Andrew Park

Congratulations to our winning entrants! Excellent job, everyone, and many thanks to all the participants. You definitely keep us amused.


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