Photo Caption Contest – July 1st edition

Our fourth caption competition started Monday, June 28th. You can see all 25 entries at our Facebook caption page. The photo shows Officer Timothy Brooks with Raven at training week at the Pennsylvania State Police facility in Hershey. This was part of the desensitization exercises that included frisbees, tennis balls, a pink tarp, a mattress, a mailbox, a neon-colored coat, a dumpster, puddles of water, a football sled and even hula hoops.

What a great group of entries! We were, however, unanimous in our choice of a winner. We also have a few runners-up.

Our winner:
— from Tomm Stu

First runner-up:
“Ah…ooo la la…is zis what ze French horses wear when they’re learning dressage?…a plastic beret…es the new haute couture, Oui?”
— from Thalia Camp

Second runner-up:
“Raven was not too pleased to stand in for Hole 19 at the Police Department’s annual disc golf tournament.”
— from George Wacker

Congratulations to our winning participants! Super job, everyone, and many thanks to all the entrants.

[Note: If you click the photo above, you will see a larger version.]


One response to “Photo Caption Contest – July 1st edition

  1. Thank you to all my friends here. It is a pleasure to extend and share our communitive warmth. I’m honoured you selected my quote as the winner. Be safe!

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