Photo Caption Contest – July 26th edition

Our caption competition started Friday, July 23rd. You can see all the entries at our Facebook caption page. The photo shows Officer Jon Buskirk with Pharaoh while Greg Sfredda, the farrier, gives him a new pair of shoes. The photo was taken at the paddock at Burnside Plantation during a demonstration at the Blueberry Festival.

Another wonderful group of entries! Here’s who won:

Our winner:
“Now that he’s occupied, tell me the truth: do I REALLY look as good in this hat as he says I do?”
from Sara Anders Miller

“Greg, are you SURE those shoes won’t clash with my hat?”
from Cheryl Reitz

Special law-enforcement honorable mention:
Hey Greg, like my new hat…No, ehh you’re just pulling my leg.”
from Jon Buskirk

Congratulations to our winning participants! Good work, everyone, and many thanks to all the entrants.

[Note: If you click the photo above, you will see a larger version.]


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