Patrolling Musikfest

For ten evenings, the Bethlehem Mounted Patrol Unit rode at Bethlehem’s Musikfest, purportedly the largest free music festival in the Northern Hemisphere. With the exception of the last night, they were joined by the Pennsylvania State Police Tactical Mounted Unit. On the last weekend, they were also joined by two mounties from the Lancaster City Police Department.

The assignment was enormously successful and well-executed. In particular, the intensive training that our officers did with George, Raven and Pharaoh paid off. They performed as true police horses: they worked hard, kept order in difficult situations, moved through the crowds with ease, met the festival-goers with grace, and, on the last Sunday, weren’t even fazed by the massive fireworks display.

The Bethlehem Mounted Patrol Unit wants to send huge thanks to PSP and Lancaster for their comradeship and stellar work in partnering for this assignment, and congratulations to the entire Bethlehem Police Department for their dedication and service throughout Musikfest.

Pictured above: The team heads toward the festival grounds. Left to right: Corporal Wes Van Wyk and Beno, Trooper Sean Moyer and Mike, Trooper Heather Heffner and Millennium, Senior Trooper Chris Moyer and Sluggo, Senior Trooper Ed Golias and Risk, Corporal Carrie Neidigh and Maverick, Officer Jon Buskirk and Pharaoh, Officer Michael Leaser and George, Officer Timothy Brooks and Raven.

Note: We will continue to add to our set of festival photos at Flickr.


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