An urgent situation

Friends- we need your support today!

Bethlehem City Council is planning to cut the Mounted Patrol Unit from the budget tonight. We ask that if you can make it, PLEASE COME OUT TONIGHT and support the Unit by showing up at 7 pm at Town Hall, 10 East Church Street at Payrow Plaza.

Here’s something else you can do. Write an email TODAY to City Council members. Their email addresses are listed here at the City’s website.

Since time is of the essence and we are at immediate risk, here is a letter that was sent to City Council by one of our supporters.


Dear Council Members,

It is with great respect that I ask you to consider continuing the funding of the Bethlehem Mounted Patrol, police officers, and horses in the budget you will be reviewing and approving tonight….and in the future.

The Mounted Patrol is a valuable asset to the City of Bethlehem. They offer protection services not available to the policeman in the cruiser or on foot. Their presence not only provides security in a number of situations, ie crowd control, but also is a remarkable and extraordinary source of public relations for the Bethlehem Police Department. The officers have spent much time training themselves and the horses to perform responsibly and with great skill for many situations. It would be very sad, and a huge loss to the City of Bethlehem if this service would not be allowed to continue.

Again I implore you to keep the Bethlehem Mounted Patrol in the upcoming budget.
Thank you very much.


If you need more data on how our City and Police Department benefit from having a Mounted Patrol Unit, you can refer to the points in our Reigning the City page at this site.

And you can show your support by sending a dontation to our Wish Fund:

Bethlehem Police Department
Mounted Patrol Unit Wish Fund
10 East Church Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

We are YOUR Mounted Patrol Unit. Please help keep us in our city. We appreciate your help more than we can say.



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