Movie in the Meadow: Seabiscuit

Thanks to Movies in the Park and support from the Downtown Bethlehem Association (DBA), we are able to host a family fun night, featuring the movie Seabiscuit, in an outdoor screening in the upper field at Burnside Plantation.

We’ve selected the popular horse-themed movie to show on Friday, May 20th  Saturday, May 21st. (Please note that the event has been changed from Friday the 20th.) Burnside Plantation, where the horses are stabled, provides the perfect location for this event, and we’re grateful to the Historic Bethlehem Preservation Society for the venue. Beginning at 7 pm, we will host a meet-and-greet for attendees. People can pet horses Raven, George, and Pharaoh and have their pictures taken with them, as well as take a little barn tour.

“Our horses love events like this,” says Officer Jon Buskirk, whose partner is Pharaoh, an eight-year-old American Quarterhorse. “Pharaoh will actually follow children around, begging for attention!” he says.

Movie night at Burnside Plantation will feature free popcorn and parking for attendees, and food, Mounted Unit t-shirts, hats, and other items available for purchase. “We’re working very hard right now to raise funds so we can keep this program going,” says Buskirk.

We rely on our “Wish Fund” for monies to purchase gear, attend special events like extra training seminars and conferences, and provide care for the horses. Additionally, we are in the process of soliciting sponsorships that may enable us to purchase a horse trailer so we can transport Raven, George and Pharaoh to events not within riding distance.

What: Movies in the Park screening of Seabiscuit
Where: Burnside Plantation, Bethlehem PA
When: Saturday, May 21, 2011. Meet-and-Greet beginning at 7:00pm. Movie beginning around dusk.
Other Details: Parking for free at Burnside Plantation, movie screening free, popcorn free, other food available for purchase, Bethlehem Mounted Unit items for sale, donations for Mounted Unit program accepted.

We hope to see you there! You can share this post with friends or our Facebook Events post here.

Here’s the trailer if you’re unfamiliar with the movie.


2 responses to “Movie in the Meadow: Seabiscuit

  1. Trying to get a hold of my old pal Scott Parry. I knew Scott years ago from Paerkins. If you can get him my e-mail address , I would appreciate it .Thank you.Paula {}

  2. Sorry, Perkins.

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