Our 2nd Annual Valentine Fundraiser

Give your sweetheart one of our Valentines and you’ll also give a Valentine to George, Raven and Pharaoh, too!

Friends, our Valentine promotion is in progress. Don’t wait until the last minute. Drop us a line today and order your Valentine. The deadline is Friday, February 10th now Sunday, February 12th.

Would like to have the actual 8.5 x 11 file to print out for your home or workplace?

Then, please click this to download a printable PDF.

Thanks to Rich-Mar for their expertise and generosity for making this fundraiser happen. And thanks to you for spreading the love and for being such great supporters of our Mounted Patrol Unit!


One response to “Our 2nd Annual Valentine Fundraiser

  1. Hello to all,
    First, thank you all for your service!
    Not to take anything away from the mounted police, but my love for police K9’s brought me to your page. As I read your page I came across the K9 shirt fundraiser…..are these shirts still available?

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