Adopt-A-Horse Update!


It is with great pleasure and gratitude that the Bethlehem Police Mounted Patrol Unit would like to announce two Adopt-A-Horse sponsors. For 2012, George will be sponsored by DeSales University while Pharaoh will be sponsored by Just Born, Inc. Raven’s Adopt-A-Horse sponsorship is filled. Check back in the future for details. Stop by our community patrons page for additional details.

From left: George, Raven, Pharaoh


2012 is here! Along with the new year comes the anticipated completion of the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Friends of the Bethlehem Mounted Police. A non-profit organization allows us to provide donors and sponsors with a tax-deductible donation center that is overseen by a board of directors. The current budget through the City of Bethlehem for the care of the horses is near $6,000. The Mounted Patrol Unit saw a 50% reduction in the operational funding for the Unit in 2012 along with the total elimination of our training budget. While the Mounties can train their horses for next to no money with the equipment they already have, it is essential that money be raised to help fund the care of the horses. Unless funds are raised to cover the remaining costs the Unit will be funded until the Spring of 2012. At that time, our Unit’s status will be undecided.


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