Photo Caption Contest – October 16th edition

Our caption competition started October 16th. You can see all the entries at our Facebook caption page. The photo shows Officer Mike Leaser with George and Officer Tim Brooks with Raven flanking the Little Caesar mascot. The photo was taken at the James Buchanan Elementary School on the day of their walk-a-thon. We’re happy we were invited to participate—everyone had such a great time.

Thanks to everyone who played along and submitted captions! Here’s our winner:

Our winner:
“No officer, I said “Pizza, Pizza”…REALLY…
I wasn’t going to lift my toga!”

from Deb A. Healing

Congratulations to our winning participants! Good work, everyone, and many thanks to all the entrants.

[Note: If you click the photo above, you will see a larger version.]


One response to “Photo Caption Contest – October 16th edition

  1. Thank you kindly. Perhaps I’ll take a walk on over to Burnside to visit my equine friends.

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