Locations to Purchase Paper Horseshoes.

After several inquiries, here are the locations that are selling the paper horseshoes for the Budweiser Clydesdale fundraiser which is going to benefit Raven, Pharaoh, and George. Thanks for your support!

The public may purchase horseshoes and register for the contest at the following locations:

Girlfriends Boutique
Stations Cafe
American Hairlines
Moravian Book Store
The Keystone Pub
Old Brewery Tavern
Your Welcome Inn
Joe’s Tavern
Ripper’s Pub
Willow Grove
The Tally-Ho
Molly’s Irish Grille
JP MacGrady’s Pub
Steel Pub
The Wooden Match
Sotto Santi
The Beef Baron

Jack Callahan’s Ale House
Ringer’s Roost
Kuhnsville Hotel

Louie’s Cafe
Brick House Tavern
Pints and Pies
Milo’s Place
College Hill Tavern

Budweiser Clydesdales


2 responses to “Locations to Purchase Paper Horseshoes.

  1. I’ve been trying since yesterday to buy 25 horseshoes but the 3 restaurants/bars in allentown no longer had them to sell and the moravian bookstore said the contest is over yet I understand the drawing is not until sep 7. Is there anywhere I can but horseshoes today? Thank you. Jack Cooney

    • Hi Jack,
      Try Girlfriend’s Boutique. It is located on the street level of the Main St. Commons building at Main and Broad Sts. I heard that collection of tge entries might be starting but they should be able to help you.

      -Officer Buskirk.

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