A ride off into the sunset…

It is with both sadness and best wishes for the future that the Mounted Patrol Unit announces the retirement of one of our original members. As of August 10th, Officer Timothy Brooks will retire from the Bethlehem Police Department after 20 years of dedicated service. Officer Brooks spent his early career assigned to our patrol platoons and the former Community Policing Unit as a bicycle officer. While the mounted unit is losing a great rider and friend, the Downtown Bethlehem Association is gaining an invaluable resource and dedicated worker. Officer Brooks will serve as a manager in charge of the many events that the DBA holds every year. Look for him downtown and offer him your congratulations on his retirement and the best of luck in his new career.

Raven with Officer Brooks at Cops n' Kids

Raven Air Products




2 responses to “A ride off into the sunset…

  1. Tim ~
    Thank you for you deducated service for the last twenty years. I wish you and your family the best. Takes a little getting used to but … you’ll love it.

    Best regards,
    Kelly Kratzer

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