Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

1. What’s in that manure?
Quite often while we patrol on the horses, they have to take a potty break. We are often asked by citizens in the area at the time of the fertilizer deposit if the manure is safe or not. Read what we have to say about the whole topic. Included in our answer is a detailed document that you can download.

2How much do those horses cost? 

We are often asked questions like this while at public events and on patrol. Initial start up costs were expensive; for horses, equipment, stall upgrades, and officer’s equipment (close to $30,000). However, those initial costs were covered by a Federal Justice Department grant. Comfortable operating costs for the horses are approximately $12,000 year which is inexpensive considering the high visibility and community interaction the horses provide. Read on for more specific numbers.

With grace...Pharaoh crosses a wall obstacle.

With grace…Pharaoh crosses a wall obstacle.


4 responses to “FAQ

  1. How many horses are in BPD mounted division? What are their names and ages? Are they Arabian, or another breed?

    • Hi Richard,
      If you click on our “Reining in the City” page tab on the top of the site, the subpage “Meet the horses” should be selectable. All that info is there.

      Officer Buskirk

  2. I would like to be a mounted officer one day, and I think that there should be more mounted units in the country. Not only does it cut back pollution from cars, but it also gives a horse a home they might not have had before. There are many horses that would love to be adopted and it’s sad. Horses are like bigger dogs. I know because I’ve had horses all my life.
    I have a project to do for graduation and in order to get the project started I have to do a job shadow. I was wondering if there are ways for people like me, to shadow a mounted police officer? Or is it restricted because of insurance reasons?

  3. Hi Autumn,
    If you want to contact us at mountedpatrol@bethlehem-pa.gov we would at least be able to arrange a barn visit and meeting the horses. You would be able to see what we do on a daily basis around the barn, however, following us on patrol would not work logistically.

    Officer Buskirk

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