Mounted Unit Wish List

After being asked by folks we come into contact with either on the street or at events, the unit has decided to post a wish list on our blog. The following items are items that we either need to replace or have never purchased. Please contact the Unit at prior to granting our wish so we can tell you whether someone else has already purchased the item. We strive to keep this list up to date but may not always be punctual due to our responsibilities with the horses and our law enforcement duty.

The Wish List

  • Rubbermaid Style storage tubs…we have no climate control in our tack room and items can deteriorate quickly when exposed to moisture and dirt
  • Manure (Muck) Rake

Reflective Gear for the horses

  • PURCHASED! Six pair of 6″ reflective leg wraps – Platinum Collection, black in color. Anonymous Donation
  • PURCHASED! Three pair of reflective breast collars – Platinum Collection, black in color. Thanks to JoAnne Ferretti and Denise Fulmer for buying the collars. Your purchase brightened our night riding!
  • PURCHASED! Three reflective tail wraps – Platinum Collection, black in color. Anonymous Donation


Interested in supporting the Mounted Police?
For more information, please contact the Mounted Unit at

Donations can be sent to:
Friends of the Bethlehem Mounted Police
P.O. Box 1314
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Your check can be made out to Friends of the Bethlehem Mounted Police. Now you can also send your donation via PayPal by using the button on our blog.

Thank you for your support!


One response to “Mounted Unit Wish List

  1. I have several large Rubbermaid storage bins that I’m no longer using. How many do you need?

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